Revolutionising the Future of Payments: Enginious Partners with J.P. Morgan at IAA Mobility 2023

Revolutionising the Future of Payments: Enginious Partners with J.P. Morgan at IAA Mobility 2023

In a world where technology and finance converge, groundbreaking ideas become the spark that ignites transformation. At the prestigious IAA Mobility 2023 event in Munich, Enginious proudly collaborated with global financial leader J.P. Morgan to bring their visionary concept to life – ‘The Future of Payments.’ This concept envisions a world where your vehicle seamlessly becomes a digital wallet, orchestrating payments for a wide array of products and services as you journey through life. Enginious played a pivotal role in powering this audacious vision, providing two cutting-edge event technologies: the Tangible Table and the AR Sliding Screen.

Tangible Table: Where Ideas Come to Life

Enginious’ Tangible Table, also known as the Multitaction Table, stands as a remarkable interactive tool built for engagement and education. During the IAA Mobility 2023 event, this ingenious device served as the focal point for presenting J.P. Morgan’s revolutionary concept.The Tangible Table features customizable pucks, each triggering live information when placed on the screen. This dynamic experience, encompassing text, images, infographics, and videos, allowed attendees to explore the Future of Payments concept with ease and enthusiasm.

Automatic AR Sliding Screen: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Automatic AR Sliding Screen captivated attendees with a glimpse into the future of payments. This technology blended education and entertainment through an interactive game.

Visitors were presented with four 3D car models – Lamborghini, Jeep, Van, and SUV – each equipped with its RFID cassettes. Choosing their preferred model initiated a journey on a sliding screen that displayed the actual car through augmented reality.

In this immersive game, visitors assumed the virtual driver’s seat, gripping a customized steering wheel. They had the choice to earn points or cash, with rewards varying accordingly. The steering wheel allowed users to control the virtual car’s speed and explore their surroundings. Along the journey, thought-provoking questions guided players to make decisions about spending or saving money.The game concluded by displaying accumulated points and saved money, providing a crystal-clear understanding of the Future of Payments concept. Enginious has pushed the boundaries of immersive technology, sparking excitement about the limitless possibilities ahead.

Unlock the Future with Enginious

Enginious’ innovative technologies not only captivated but also effectively conveyed J.P. Morgan’s visionary perspective on the Future of Payments. These interactive tools educated and enthralled event attendees, sparking conversations and kindling enthusiasm for this transformative concept.

At IAA Mobility 2023, Enginious and J.P. Morgan demonstrated how cutting-edge event technologies can elegantly convey complex ideas in an engaging and accessible manner. As the Future of Payments continues to evolve, technology will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of financial transactions.

Enginious technologies promise an exceptional event experience, offering benefits that go beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression on your audience:


      • Memorable ExperiencesEnginious technologies create unforgettable moments, ensuring your brand lingers in attendees’ memories.

      • Enhanced Engagement: Captivate and retain visitors’ attention, fostering meaningful interactions and connections.

      • Exceptional Education: Simplify complex concepts and showcase your offerings effectively.

      • Buzz and Excitement: Generate enthusiasm around your booth, transforming satisfied attendees into enthusiastic brand advocates.

      • Competitive Edge: Position your company as an industry innovator, drawing attention from peers and influencers.

    Enginious remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering immersive experiences that captivate and educate. Projects like the one at IAA Mobility 2023 exemplify the promising future where technology seamlessly intersects with finance, propelling us toward a new era of payments.

    Contact us at today to revolutionize your event presence with Enginious technologies and elevate your brand’s success!

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